January 7th, 2021


Hope and Fears--

Like millions of others, I am in shock. I'm deeply upset by what happened in Washington DC yesterday, on the feast of the Epiphany. Our democracy, such as it is, has survived for another day. But here's the thing:

I know, after the turbulence of the last four years, that many of us are longing to get back to normal. But what was that "normal", anyway? Constant war? The Patriot act, and surveillance and entrapment of Muslim citizens? The continuing violence against Black Americans and Native Americans? Fracking and pollution? Economic uncertainty and poverty? Not to speak of murder by drone, and oppression abroad.

Because none of these things went away under Obama. They certainly didn't go away under Trump! And--

We can't go back. We mustn't try to. We can only go forward.

This incoming administration will have a lot to handle, and a lot to repair. And I'm honestly not sure they are capable of it. We MUST change if we are to repair our country, and help to repair our world. We must end the wartime economy, and think of better ways of living. I think it can be done, but I also think the impetus will have to come from us, and some of the younger and/or more enlightened Pols, not the President and Vice President. (I love Bernie so much! and, right now, I am cheering on the Squad as they draw up articles of impeachment. But we CANNOT rely on politicians, no matter how well-meaning or principled, to be the change in the world. We have to be the leaders. As my man says, it's not me; it's us.

So I am tired, scared, overwhelmed, and also--just a little--hopeful. Let's all try to hang on to hope, and help each other.