August 9th, 2007

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critters again!

Just a quick post - we saw another bobcat last weekend, this time no more than 100 yards from my parent's house. It was strolling along the edge of a neighbor's yard as we drove by, just like an oversized housecat! Really cute! But it was obviously a bobcat because of the coloration, size and tail. (Spotted with white and black on the ears, large, and about 6 inches long.)

Also, Deirdre bought a toad for the library. He's a firebellied toad, dark green with black spots and very active. His name, of course, is Trevor. Deirdre wanted to keep him, actually, but her cat got too interested (Trevor was flinging his pebbles about, and Misty was attracted by the noise and jumped up onto the table to investigate.) So he is in the library now.

And a couple more amusing locutions (or, can I still speak English? Have aliens taken over my syntax?):

1. Describing a berry pie: "The berry aspect is very good, but the crust aspect leaves something to be desired."
2. On hearing that there is such a thing as Artichoke flour. "I never heard of making flour out of artichokes. That must be a desperate enterprise."