July 21st, 2007

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Final Potter thoughts (and promise re spoilers):

Just recently, over at Sword of Gryffindor, I read a post by Travis suggesting we not hold on to our theories too tightly, but strive to enjoy the book Rowling has actually written. Good advice, in theory, but I am certain I won't be able to follow it. Here's why: the basis for all my theorizing is my own take on morality and goodness. I expect to be surprised often; I expect to be wrong about almost all of the plot and unable to guess a lot of Rowling's details - that's always been true. But, if she writes Snape as evil, I can't help myself. I will consider these shoddy, cheap and evil books. Because they will go against my core beliefs in the possibility of redemption and the power of love and forgiveness. So I am nervous and am (mentally) keeping all my fingers firmly crossed that there is (as was hinted in an interview somewhere recently) a good ending for Snape.

Two of the young men who helped my sister and me with our final Potter party came by a couple of days ago to say hello, and both of them agree with me. They intend to start a large bonfire of all their Harry Potter books if Snape is evil. I may join them!

Otherwise - I was very upset at the "New York Times", our so-called paper of record, and wrote them a letter protesting their early review. This made it quite clear to me that, curious person though I am, I'm averse to spoilers. And, compared to a lot of the twelve year olds around, I don't read fast. So - I promise that I will not post any spoilers here unless they are clearly labelled and behind a cut. Nor will I read any before I have finished the book, nor will I link to any - ditto.

As to the future of this blog, even if absolutely everything I've written and surmised is canon-shafted, I'm keeping the essays, poems and stories up. And I am not going to retrofit anything (unless, as I suggested to Swythyv, I retool "The Blessing" for possible publication.) Rowling's books are entirely hers; my thoughts on them are mine, and the two things are separate. (If that makes any sense?)

One last thing before the witching hour: I'd like to ask all our friends to wish Deirdre and me luck. We are performing, as the Gringotts grrls, at our local Borders tonight. Another reason to have butterflies! Our younger sister will also be playing; she's being nice enough to come up and back a couple of songs with her violin. :)
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